In ARKANALYTICS we keep thinking out of the box and we offer optimum bespoke data metrics and analytics to corporations, banks, insurers and funds around the world. We support managers who encounter complex risk challenges in making better decisions based upon quantified, objective and powerful tools, not just instinct and experience solutions.


ARKANALYTICS is based in London, United Kindom. We have an international business development network through associates and owned offices in New York, London, Munich, Athens, Sofia, Bucharest, Belgrade, Istanbul and Nicosia. Our development and professional services center has been trusted by worldwide leaders such as Standard & Poor’s Risk Solutions and Moody’s Analytics.


Our clients include leading global corporations like NOVARTIS AG and LAFARGE Group.


ARKANALYTICS provides innovative decision support software solutions in:


  • Credit Risk & Receivables Management for corporations and financial institutions
  • Vendor viability assessment – supply chain risk management
  • Basel & Solvency Accordance Compliance
  • Value-at-Risk Assessment
  • Risk Appraisal & Controlling
  • Credit Bureau Operation

Our products and services are mainly offered to:


  • Corporations
  • Banks
  • Insurance companies
  • Funds
  • Public Sector
  • Credit Bureaus
  • Special Project based Clients



Because we provide:


  • Specialized, stand-alone Software Applications to Risk Managers, for the first time ever. Like CRM is to Sales!


  • All-in-One Solutions that assess, manage, forecast, simulate & optimize risk costs and profits 
  • Scientific and not empirical rules based risk appraisal models
  • Integration of real-time data from all internal & external sources
  • Global Risk Management applications that assess from sole traders to multinational corporations in all geographies
  • SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) and/or KPO (Knowledge Process Outsourcing) solutions, that ensure no additional costs in hardware and ready to use within a month
  • Business Continuity, Security and Data Recoverability 24/7, through our global agreement with Microsoft’s International Data Centers
  • Value Testing, through free of charge Proof of Concept usage of our solutions
  • Reliability, since we have been audited as a trustworthy vendor from E&Y and have successful business cases with reputable multinational corporations

Our Values


Be the Owner of the Problem

We are dedicating our experience and skills in order to provide  products and services that fits in our clients’ needs and not vice versa.


Be a Value Leader

We are always aiming in being one step ahead of our clients’ needs, in order to offer solutions in time and ahead of others.


Be Responsible

We are not afraid to take all actions needed as to provide value added to a client’s problem and remain accountable long after the delivery.

Our Mission


To provide innovative solutions that incorporate bespoke software applications and processes that will add confidence in risk decisions and facilitate the day-to-day business of risk professionals.




Our Vision


In challenging times, our vision is to become synonymous to a “must have” provider in pre-emptying and addressing challenges that require objective, fast, but accurate solutions that traditional risk management cannot give any more.


Solutions for Corporations
Solutions for Banks

Credit_Ark copy

CREDITARK is our solution for counterparty credit risk assessment and management. It prevents losses from delayed or unpaid receivables and maximizes profits from healthy sales. This is achieved through an innovative credit scoring mechanism that combines behavioral, qualitative and quantitative data and a bespoke portfolio credit limits optimizer.



Capital_Ark copy

CAPITALARK is our solution for capital adequacy calculation, management reporting and bank’s compliance to Basel Accordance, ECB, EBA, and Central Bank regulatory framework. It is a powerful integration tool that collects and analyzes large volume of data from various sources within the bank’s operations in order to form the appropriate reports. It also provides easy to build simulation and scenario modules.



Vendor_Ark copy

VENDORARK is our solution that accurately monitors and predicts a vendor’s viability by using internal and external behavioral quantitative and qualitative data. It reduces going concern significantly and allows diversification in supply chain management.




Rating_Ark copy

RATINGARK is our solution for credit risk assessment. It covers entirely the needs for quantitative and qualitative analysis for businesses by offering a set of advanced tools as full financial and cash flows analysis for annual or interim statements or even trial balances, automatic financial ratios estimation and automatically created financial projections. Moreover, the application, besides the above tools, incorporates a model mechanism, which is able to support any number of scoring models.


Kpo_Ark copy

KPOARK is our Knowledge Process Outsourcing solution for your risk management operations. Our team of specialists has a high degree of risk management expertise and along with our advanced analytical and technical tools we provide effectiveness, additional value and significant cost reduction to your company’s day-to-day risk management.

Portfolio Ark copy

PORTFOLIOARK is a solution of a closed-form Credit VaR (Value-at-Risk) model. It supports estimation of credit portfolios’ full loss distributions, and consequent calculation of expected loss, Value-at-Risk and economic capital under arbitrary probability levels. It is an excellent tool for banks to determine the adequacy of the allocated regulatory capital (Basel III – Pillar 2), to estimate concentration risks as well as to perform stress tests under multiple scenarios. It can also be used by corporates for evaluating their credit concentration risks.


Case Studies

lafarge copy

Cement & Building Materials

The group was one of the first users of CREDITARK’s prime versions. The outcome of solutions helped the company to measure the risk weighted profit margins of their wholesales and supported the optimum allocation of Lafarge’s bearable credit limit for the years 2009 – 2013. The credit risk management team along with the group’s CFO accomplished a significant decrease in unpaid receivables and days sales outstanding.



Novartis is one of the users of the latest version of CREDITARK. The company is using CREDITARK to assess and manage credit risk towards 3 types of clients: Public-owned hospital and organizations, re-sellers and pharmacies. The complexity of different credit policies, the volatility of the macro-economic environment and the strict regulatory framework in pricing could only be managed through quantified and objective process. CREDITARK provided a dashboard where the company’s Credit Risk Manager has the ability to review and execute an integrated policy according to its annual risk-adjusted RoC.


Consumer goods & Food sector

The company with the use of credit risk expertise is addressing the challenge of deciding optimum credit limits in a very diversified and volatile market. Credit policies have to adjust to a client level and not just in a context since each transaction has unique features. Raw qualitative and financial data have been transformed to quantified predictive indicators.




Our Team

Panos Michalopoulos


Mr. Panos Michalopoulos is one of the co-founders of ARKANALYTICS AG. He has a vast experience in risk appraisal & management for banks and corporates. Mr. Michalopoulos is a member of PRMIA (Professional Risk Managers International Association) and during his entrepreneurial route in the area of risk assessment achieved to establish strategic partnerships with Standard & Poor’s Risk Solutions, Moody’s Analytics and sell Risk Management solutions to banks and multinationals.


 Chris Giannakopoulos


Mr. Giannakopoulos is one of the co-founders of ARKANALYTICS AG. Mr. Giannakopoulos worked for Pricewaterhouse Coopers in the advisory and financial services division. As a consultant for PwC, he participated as Project Manager in the implementation of many projects from several industries of the economy, being responsible for providing financial and business analysis services. He has an extensive experience in business plan evaluation as well as in strategic industry analysis.


Michail Madias


Mr. Madias is one of the co-founders of ARKANALYTICS AG. Mr. Madias worked for Nedship Bank (a Deutsche Verkehrs Bank affiliate), where he was a Key Account Manager, being in charge of major corporate clients of the bank from shipping and transport industry. He also participated in several projects as a team member for the business development department of the bank.



Andre Salaam


Mr. Salaam is a financial service professional with over 10 years of experience in consulting, risk management and hedge fund operations. He possesses substantial experience in quantitative model development and management. His focus is on credit risk, default risk and loss modeling. Mr. Salaam worked for Standard & Poor’s, JP Morgan and Moody’s KMV where he gained substantial experience in quantitative credit risk model development and management.


 Madhav Sivaram


Mr Madhav Sivaram is a financial service professional with 20 years of experience in the sector. His work history has spanned running business lines in the lending and investment functions, establishing risk and governance practices within the lending and operations departments, as well as running risk workshops and training programmes for global banks and investment organisations. He has worked for banking organisations (ABN AMRO, Barclays, Credit Suisse, Julius Baer) and, among others, provides consulting and workshop programmes to a range of public organisations – such as Standard Chartered, Fitch – and private investment groups.






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25/07/2014 Ark Analytics to sponsor the BvCM Annual Congress

Ark Analytics agreed to sponsor the annual Congress of BvCM, that will be held in Bremen on October 2-3. BvCM is the Association of the Credit Managers of Germany.

15/07/2014 CREDITARK’s new promotional video is on air

Ark Analytics received from White Island the promotional video of CREDITARK and it has been uploaded to our YouTube channel.

10/07/2014 CREDITARK to be implemented to life:) Belarus

The Belarussian GSM provider life:) signed an agreement with Ark Analytics for the implementation of CREDITARK to its credit risk management procedures. The implementation process will start immediately.

02/07/2014 CREDITARK to be implemented to Delta Chemicals

Delta Chemicals signed an agreement with Ark Analytics for the implementation of CREDITARK to its credit risk management procedures. The implementation process will start immediately.

12/06/2014 Article about CREDITARK’s philosophy published in German magazine

The last issue of the German magazine for Credit Risk Managers “Risiko Manager” contains a four-pages article written by our company’s Head of Analytics, Elias Panagiotidis. It contains the logic behind CREDITARK.

29/05/2014 Ark Analytics signs agreement with Infobank Hellastat

Ark Analytics announced that it signed an agreement with Infobank Hellastat (IBHS), according to which IBHS will exclusively promote its products to Greece, Turkey, Albania and Cyprus for the next 3 years.

05/05/2014 Ark Analytics to sponsor the RiskNET Summit 2014

Ark Analytics agreed to sponsor the RiskNET Summit 2014, that will be held in Munich/Ismaning. It is the annual conference organized by RiskNET, a German web portal that specializes in Risk Management and Compliance.